Potenzial noch nicht ausgeschöpft. Bilanz der Kommission für Friedenskonsolidierung nach zwei Jahren

Weinlich, Silke


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URL http://edoc.vifapol.de/opus/volltexte/2009/1975/
Dokumentart: Bericht / Forschungsbericht / Abhandlung
Institut: INIIS Uni Bremen
Schriftenreihe: InIIS-Arbeitspapier
Bandnummer: 2008, 35
Sprache: Deutsch
Erstellungsjahr: 2008
Publikationsdatum: 15.10.2009
Originalveröffentlichung: http://www.iniis.uni-bremen.de/pages/arbeitspapierBeschreibung.php?ID=41&SPRACHE=DE (2008)
DDC-Sachgruppe: Politik
BK - Basisklassifikation: 89.71 (Internationale Zusammenarbeit: Allgemeines), 89.70 (Internationale Beziehungen: Allgemeines), 89.76 (Friedensforschung, Konfliktforschung)
Sondersammelgebiete: 3.6 Politik und Friedensforschung

Kurzfassung auf Englisch:

The article takes stock of the Peacebuilding Commission two years after it took up its work. As expected, the record is mixed. The Commission got off to a slow start; in its first year which was mostly dedicated to procedural issues, the Commission risked losing sight of its crucial task of making a difference on the ground. Once it achieved more clarity with regard to its working procedures and mandate, its engagement with the countries on its agenda became more productive. It developed integrated peacebuilding strategies for Sierra Leone and Burundi and has begun to apply some of the lessons already learned there to its involvement with Guinea-Bissau and the Central African Republic. Despite many obstacles, the Commission has begun to make some modest, positive impact on the ground. Its unprecedented effort to bring all relevant peacebuilding actors to one table is promising but has not yet yielded any visible coordination breakthroughs. So far, then, the Peacebuilding Commission has not yet exploited its full potential.

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